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Lux Absorbent Mat

Lux Absorbent Mat

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Are you concerned about the safety of yourself, your children, or elderly family members, slipping on wet floors at home?

Do you often feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of mopping and scrubbing, just to keep your living space pristine?

Tired of the never-ending chore of washing your traditional floor mats thanks to their perpetual grimy appearance?

Meet the Lux Super Absorbent Floor Mat – a revolutionary addition to your home. Featuring high-quality non-slip rubber on the underside for impeccable stability, it guarantees the safety and reassurance of every family member, from little ones to seniors. The Super Absorbent Floor Mat boasts the remarkable ability to absorb all moisture within a mere minute, completely eliminating worries about wet floors. Bid farewell to flimsy and ineffective mats, and elevate your floor protection to the unmatched excellence of the Lux Super Absorbent Floor Mat.

key benefits:

✔ No more worries about constantly changing wet mats.

✔ Say goodbye to dirty, sticky, and wet floors.

✔ Protect your loved ones from slipping on wet floors.

✔ Capable of absorbing all water in just one minute.

✔ Eliminates germs and bacteria for a cleaner environment.

✔ Offers a soft, warm, and comfortable surface.

✔ Absorbs any liquid, including water, oil, or soap.

✔ Adds an elegant touch to your washroom decor.

✔ Easy to use and clean.

✔ Made from non-slip rubber materials for improved safety and stability.

✔ Enhances the overall appearance of your home.

✔ Suitable for use in the bathroom, laundry room, home entrance, or bedroom.

How Does It Work?  

This revolutionary mat boasts incredible water absorption capabilities, leaving your home immaculately clean. In mere seconds, it can absorb any spilled liquid without leaving any residue, eliminating the need to worry about dirty, sticky, or unpleasant floors. The constant effort required to wipe off sprinkles and oil stains from your flooring can be a daunting and exhausting task that can also cause damage to the floor. However, with our Super Absorbent Floor Mat, simply place it on the floor and let it work its magic, hassle-free.

Recent research conducted in 2021 has revealed that slip-and-fall accidents cost an estimated $11 billion in medical expenses and treatments annually. To combat this issue, our team has created the lux Absorbent Floor Mat, specifically designed to prevent slips on wet floors. This innovative mat has the added benefit of drying faster than traditional floor mats, significantly enhancing safety and stability while reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.


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